Wonder Woman Belt

Looking for a delicate yet bold statement belt? Look no further! With 1 cm width, the Wonder Woman belt is thin, sleek, and versatile. The golden design is elegant but still has a strength and feminine power vibe due to the two hooks shape and details. The high-waist belt is a perfect addition to every dress, you’re going to wear it both at work and after — this belt shows that you’re a woman who pays attention to details (an important quality in every aspect of life). Made of genuine leather, the Wonder Woman belt is basically indestructible. Its feminine, shiny design flatters the body and accentuates your waist. Not only will you look great, but you’ll feel confident at the same time.


100% Genuine Leather, patent


You can pair the black golden belt with every color you can think of - from red tones to neutral tones - you name it. It will spice up every outfit. Perfect for day and night and any business or private events such as meetings, conferences, dates, weddings or dinner with your friends and family, this belt will always make you stand out and show that you are both, feminine and powerful. Not only is it great for dresses, but also for high-waisted skirts combined with an elegant blouse or shirt.


High waist belt, one size
Length: 60 cm - 89 cm
Width: 1.0 cm