What is LaDuett?

LaDuett is a fashion-tech company whose primary goal is to empower women on their way to business success. We offer luxury business fashion and cutting-edge personal styling, “The LaDuett Box”. Based on an innovative direct-to-consumer model and an AI-powered styling algorithm we create a great, personal and convenient customer experience optimized for your lifestyle.LaDuett offers its customers a perfect solution in order to progress in their career goals and at the same time to be part of a community with other professional women. 

Where are you located? Do you have a store?

Our headquarters are located in Munich and we produce in Milan. That is also why we carry Milano and Monaco in our name (Monaco is Munich in Italian and it rhymes perfectly). Currently we only distribute online. Should we open a physical store in the future, we will notify you of course.  


Why should I order a LaDuett Box?

If you like convenience and efficiency, this is the right choice. LaDuett makes it possible for its customers to get free styling and a curated box consisting of stylish, elegant, and powerful clothing items and accessories. Items are all tailored to your preferences and fit. The LaDuett Box eliminates time-consuming shopping experiences and it makes your mornings easier because you’ll always know what to wear.

I already know what pieces I want. Would you still recommend a LaDuett Box?

The LaDuett Box is always a good idea, especially for busy ladies who don’t have too much time on their hands to go shopping. You just need to fill out the quiz. Our AI-powered styling then determines the right size, style, and color that will fit you perfectly. We will present you our proposed items online in your virtual LaDuett Box preview and you can simply choose the items you like. It’s really that easy. Of course, if you already know you want a specific item from our collection, you can either let us know at the end of the quiz or order it individually in our online store. For that purpose, please complete your LaDuett Box and then add additional items from our online store once you are on your card to check out.

What is usually included in my LaDuett Box preview?

Your final LaDuett Box only includes items that you actually chose. For that reason, we propose you a virtual LaDuett Box preview that includes three to five collection items. Depending on your wishes, sometimes this box may contain more dresses while in other instances it can feature more accessories. You will then be able to choose the final items that you want to have includeded in your real LaDuett Box. When you decide to request a LaDuett Box styling, our primary objective is to understand your preferences, likes, and dislikes. We therefore genuinely appreciate your feedback. Our stylists and AI-algorithm use all provided information to modify future boxes to make sure they are customized for your needs and style preferences. LaDuett understands every woman is unique and we want to make you feel great about your individuality.

How many days is my LaDuett Box preview available for me to select items? 

No worries, you have 10 days to look into your LaDuet Box preview after we sent you the email. However we encourage you to open the LaDuett Box preview as soon as you received the email as we cannot guarantee that all items are still on stock for the entire time.

Can I include other items from your store in my LaDuett Box?

Yes, of course! Simply add any other item from our store to your card once you finished the selection of items to your LaDuett Box and check-out.

How do I order a LaDuett Box?

To send your order, you need to fill out our short quiz. Once you’re done, our AI-powered styling uses the provided information to create an innovative, customized and stylish virtual LaDuett Box. Before sending out the real LaDuett Box you will receive a preview of your virtual LaDuett Box where you can decide which items you'd like to keep in your box and confirm your order.

How many days do I have to try on the sent LaDuett Box items and determine whether I should keep them?

You have 14 days after delivery of the box to try on the items and determine whether you will keep or return them.

What do I have to keep in mind regarding the condition of the clothes? 

If you decide to return some or all items from your LaDuett Box, please make sure all tags are attached to each item properly. In addition, the returned items should all be undamaged, unwashed and in unworn conditions. Returning damaged clothes may be subjected to additional fees.

Does LaDuett Box come with any fees I should know about?

No, not at all. The styling for the LaDuett box is completely free - no hidden additional costs. You will only pay for the items that you decide to keep in the LaDuett Box by checking your LaDuett Box preview and editing and / or confirming your order. As to the items that you will return of course you will get refunded. Bear in mind that in order to be eligible for returns, the items must be sent back in an unworn condition with all tags attached to them. In other words, clothes you don’t plan to keep should be returned undamaged. Additional fees may apply only in cases when pieces are returned past designated 14 days or if they arrive damaged. If you’re dealing with some exceptional circumstances that prevent you from sending the clothes back within 14 days, please feel free to send us an email to

What if I want to keep the entire LaDuett Box?

Upon receiving LaDuett Box you have the freedom to determine whether you’ll keep all items or just some of them. If you wish to keep the entire LaDuett Box that’s amazing and it only shows our AI-algorithm and stylists are doing a great job.

Who are LaDuett’s stylist? 

LaDuett improves shopping experience by employing cutting-edge technology via our AI-powered styling and the innovative LaDuett Box shopping experience. Our AI-powered styling selects ideal clothing items and accessories through a little, brief quiz for each customer. The final decision of what items we put in your LaDuett Box however always stays with a stylist in our team. Once we learn more about you, we know exactly what outfits will suit you best and will select items tailored to your style, preferences and body type.

What does the styling offer me? 

Possibilities are truly endless, but some things that are offered by our styling include: 

• Sending a customized LaDuett Box with items that are tailored to your needs and preferences 

• Recommending new pieces you’ll love; these recommendations are based on past purchases and your very own style 

• Placing direct orders for any clothing item you want to try 

• Providing useful tips and tricks on how LaDuett’s pieces fit and which size you should order 

• Advising you how to pair outfits from LaDuett Box with the rest of your wardrobe 

Can I do the quiz even if I don’t order a LaDuett Box?

Yes, you can and should! The quiz and the free styling with the virtual LaDuett Box preview can assist you in making purchase decisions even if you don’t buy the box.

Who packs my LaDuett Box?

Once your LaDuett Box order is confirmed, the packing list is sent to LaDuett’s warehouse. There, each item is carefully selected, inspected to ensure it’s in perfect condition, and then beautifully packaged by our hard-working beloved staff members who pay attention to every detail. While most brands outsource the packaging service to third parties LaDuett stands out with the decision to perform this part of job in-house. The reason why everything is packed in-house and not outsourced is that want to make sure every item in the box is in perfect condition. First impressions matter and we want you to fall in love with every outfit.


What size should I buy?

As size is the hardest thing to get right we recommend that you order a LaDuett Box. We will assist you with finding the right size for you. 

I don’t understand your sizes? What is my size?

In order to help you identify the right size for you please check the following international conversion matrix and our measurement table:

What if the item is out of stock?

You can join the waiting list, if an item should not be in stock and we will notify you as soon as it is restocked. Please feel free to contact us and we can search for a similar item at

Where do you produce your clothes?

Our clothes are made in Italy. We value the craftsmanship, the exceptional tailoring and the attention to detail. We also purchase our fabrics from Italy and are proud to produce our clothes at the best factories which have over 40 years of experience in high-end fashion and where worldwide known luxury designer brands like Gucci and Prada manufacture. As a principle we only work with factories offering ethical working conditions.

Do you have a store where I can try items on?

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a physical store where you can try items on. Should this change in the future, we will notify you of course.


What are my shipping options? How much does it cost?

We ship to the following countries: 

 Germany (except for the island of Helgoland and the municipality of Büsingen on the Upper Rhine), Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom, and United States of America. 

We offer free shipping within the mentioned countries Europe. As for Germany, returns are free as well. 

Here are the details: 

Purchases from Germany: We use predominantly DPD to ship orders made by our customers located in Germany. Shipping and returns for purchases from Germany are free. To create and print your free return label, visit 

Purchases from Europe (excluding Germany): Different logistics providers are used when orders are shipped to the above listed countries. Free shipping is arranged for purchase from the above listed countries in Europe. 

Purchases from USA and Canada: In this case, customers cover the shipping costs which vary from one country to another. Sending to US and Canada costs a postal fee of 20 EUR. Additionally, possible customs charges and other fees must be covered by the customer. 

For shipping to countries outside Europe and other than USA and Canada, feel free to email us at and we will try our best to find a solution to ensure you get your clothes.To learn more about the shipping policy please visit 

How long will it take for items to arrive?

All orders are dispatched as soon as possible after you have placed them. You can expect your package to arrive within 3 to 7 working days (depending on the country). You’ll be able to track delivery of the package with the tracking link that you will receive after placing the order. 

What if I need my items to arrive faster?

In that case, you will have to call or send us an email (

What is LaDuett’s return policy?

You have 14 days after delivery of your order to try on the items and determine whether you will keep or return them. 

Returns form 

The returns form is already included in your box. Please follow the instructions on the returns form and determine which pieces you will keep or return. Keep in mind that items must be undamaged, in unworn condition, and with all tags attached to be eligible for return. If you lost your returns form, you can contact us at and we will be happy to send it to you by e-mail. 

Return label 

Germany: We offer free returns for Germany. To create a return label (Germany only), please visit Fill out your address and information, once completed proceed to print the return label that you will use to send the box back to LaDuett. 

EU (excluding Germany): Please fill out the returns form and return the package to the following address:

La Duett GmbH 

Landwehrstr. 60 

80336 MunichGermany 

To learn more about the return policy please visit 

What if my products arrived damaged?

Our warehouse staff inspects every item to ensure it is in perfect condition. However, if you do receive damaged items please take pictures. 

Send the proof of documented damage via email to together with the serial number of your order. 

We will make sure the problem is solved as quickly as possible. 

What if I am not able to send back my items within the 14-day period?

If your return is going to be delayed due to some specific reason, please contact us. We understand how hectic modern lifestyle can be and we will do our best to find a solution that will benefit you and LaDuett.

How long does it take to process my return? 

The returns are processed as soon as we receive the items to our warehouse. 

Upon processing the return, LaDuett automatically sends a copy of the refund receipt to the address associated with the customer’s account. 

For more questions about your return and its status, please send us an email to

Do you offer exchanges?

Exchanges can be arranged depending on the availability of the product. To make an exchange, feel free to contact us at If the item(s) is/are available, the exchange is processed as a return. Then, the new order is dispatched. Bear in mind that exchanges are accepted up to 14 days after the delivery. When exchanging the item, you have already received please make sure all tags are attached and the item is undamaged, unwashed and in unworn condition.


Is the order process for the LaDuett Box in anyway different to a direct order?

The difference is that for LaDuett Box orders we offer free styling and a personalized box. For LaDuett Box orders you receive a recommendation of items, size and styles before the checkout in form of a virtual LaDuett Box preview where you have the possibility to edit and confirm your items. It is the perfect solution for the professional woman and her busy lifestyle. The direct order does not include free styling and a personalized box and is therefore more for the shopper who knows exactly what she wants – so you browse our online store and order directly the items you want.

What payment options do I have?

We offer various payment options including credit card, Paypal, and Apple Pay. We do not offer bank transfer or direct debit at this stage. 

Pleas note that Apple Pay only works as express checkout.  Thus, you would need to sign in to your Apple Pay account at the beginning of the checkout. In other words, if you are not signed in to your Apple account, you won't be able to pay at the end with Apple Pay, once we ask about payment. 

Can I order different sizes from the same dress?

Yes, of course! You can order up to 2 sizes from the same dress anytime.

When will I be charged for my order?

When purchasing items individually or through the LaDuett Box page you pay for all ordered items once you click the Complete Order button.


What is the LaDuett Diamonds Loyalty Program?

Our LaDuett Diamonds Loyalty Program is a rewards program based on points that we call “Diamonds”. It offers rewards to customers when purchasing LaDuett items (direct order or via LaDuett Box order). Customers can earn and redeem “Diamonds” when buying any of our items. Our LaDuett Diamond Loyalty Program is free of charge. Simply sign-up under

How can I earn LaDuett Diamonds and how much are they worth?

For each 1 EUR you spent (excluding taxes) with LaDuett, you receive 1 Diamond. 1000 Diamonds are worth 50 EUR and can only be applied for future purchases with LaDuett.

How can I redeem LaDuett Diamonds?

To redeem your LaDuett Diamonds, simply visit and follow the steps under the button “Spend LaDuett Diamonds”. You need a minimum of 1000 Diamonds to redeem your Diamonds. Diamonds can only be redeemed for new purchases with LaDuett.


I really like your stories & advice. How can I be part of it?

We are REALLY glad you like the LaDuett World. You can contribute to it by sending us your own story or advice you would love to give to other women. We will check it and coordinate the next steps with you. Just write us an email at

I am interested in teaming up with you – Women Empowering Women! Are you interested?

We are always interested in collaborations with the goal to empower women. Just send us your request via  


How can I contact a LaDuett team member?

Our customer service is available via email at We are always here for all your questions, inquiries, and concerns. Feel free to contact us and we will provide a detailed response in a timely manner.

How can I give you general feedback?

We are happy for any kind of feedback but also anything else you want to share with us (like beautiful snapshots, inspiring stories, etc.). Please email us at


I’m from the Press. How can I get in contact?

We love the press. Get in contact via email at Feel free to contact us.

I’m an influencer and like your products. Can we cooperate?

Influencers play a big role in our community. Get in contact via email at Feel free to contact us.

I want to work for LaDuett. How can I get in contact?

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Get in contact via email at We will consider primarily applications from Germany at this stage. Feel free to contact us.


Want to get in touch with us? Just fill out the form below or send an email to