LaDuett is changing the game in fashion by proving that women can be powerful and still feminine. Often characteristics that society tells you can’t come together. We want to change the conversation, women don't have to become "one of the boys" and hide their femininity just to prove they are powerful. Our message is: Power has no Gender!

There is a big imbalance between what the modern working woman wants and what is offered. We started LaDuett after working 5 years in a corporate environment and noticing how much we have spent on workwear which we didn’t even like: the cut was horrible, the designs were outdated and boring, the clothes were not comfortable and the fabric quality was so poor it wouldn’t last a year.

The problem is, the fashion industry never focused on women workwear which explains the lack of designs and functionality suitable for work. They design a very low neckline or a skirt with a very high slit. The reason is, that most fashion designers never really worked in such corporate settings. However, we’ve been there. Based on our experience in the corporate world, we understand the unwritten rules and dress codes in the workplace and that your appearance can be very impactful and have substantial effects on your future job opportunities, whether you are an intern or a CEO!

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” – Coco Chanel

LaDuett aims to revolutionize workwear - here are 6 ways we are changing the game!

- The Elsa Twins, Founders of LaDuett 

1. Perfect Fit

Every woman is unique and clothes she wears should make her feel special and confident. Although the fashion industry has come a long way, it’s still not easy for women to find a perfect dress or other clothing items that flatter her body type impeccably. Most brands focus on making clothes for a specific body contour, but LaDuett is different.

We are proud of the fact our designs follow your silhouette and flatter your figure regardless of your body type thanks to the well thought designs and cuts, high-quality fabrics, and the best Italian craftsmanship. All our dresses contain a small percentage of elastane to give you both comfort and a perfect fit at the same time. 

Besides luxurious materials, in order to make workwear flatter your body type, we also put a great emphasis on fittings during the pattern making process. Unlike other brands that do maximum two fittings during the pattern making process, we do up to 10 fittings with the highest attention to detail and the best Italian craftsmanship. While all these fittings for optimizing the pattern and cut may be costly, they’re worth it because our mission is to create workwear that will encourage every woman to love herself and her body.

2. Fashionably Comfortable

Don’t you find it frustrating when your dress wrinkles and those unsightly creases show up? The last thing you want is a messy outfit that sends a wrong message to your business partners, clients, employees, you name it. A significant part of our ideology is to help women look impeccable while they’re “slaying” it. Our aim is to create fashionably comfortable workwear that makes you look and feel fabulous for many long hours at work.

We design our clothes with your needs in mind; every piece is practical in more ways than one. Dresses are wrinkle-free and stay that way throughout the day. Plus, most of them are machine-washable and don’t require ironing. Just put them on and you’re ready. Thanks to a dash of elastane, you can wear your dress the whole day without feeling uncomfortable and messy. That’s why LaDuett dresses are an ideal travel buddy; you’ll look effortlessly chic on your next business trip.

3. Empowering Designs

Inspired by sophisticated women like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Kate Middleton, and Claire Underwood, our elegant, yet powerful designs are an important part of LaDuett’s identity. Just because you’re a businesswoman with her eyes on the prize, that doesn’t mean you should be wearing boring pieces.

LaDuett’s workwear is elegant and colorful, but not flashy. With the bateau necklines, fitted bodice, A-line silhouettes, and figure-hugging wrap dresses, our multiple design options are available to match your needs and preferences. Work-appropriate cuts and contours make our dresses a must-have for every professional woman. No thigh-high slits, backless dresses, and huge zippers that don’t belong in the office setting. Ooze elegance and power instead!

We take power dressing to a whole new level and help you radiate confidence and strength in the boardroom during an important meeting or beyond. Whether you are an intern or a CEO, we hope to empower you with clothes that say “I’m not just beautiful, I AM POWERFUL!”

4. From Desk to Dinner

Businesswomen have a hectic lifestyle that doesn’t allow them to spend a lot of time changing their clothes during the day or thinking about outfit combinations. Keeping that in mind, we created designs that are perfect from nine to wine o’clock. Our day-to-night styles don’t just give you a perfect look at work and other business-related occasions, but they are also ideal for nights out when you just want to have fun. LaDuett line is also perfect for formal events whether you are going to a fancy dinner or a wedding. Pair your dress with nice shoes, belts, bracelets, or other accessories and you’ll get a whole different outfit.

5. Functional Fabrics

Our philosophy wouldn’t be complete without the functionality of the dresses we create. As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, you are practical and want to buy a dress that will make you feel like you have made an investment. Functional fabrics make our dresses a foolproof investment, a move that will pay off for sure.

We spent a lot of time on choosing luxurious, yet practical materials for our dresses. For example, some pieces contain Italian wool which is considered one of the most sophisticated fabrics for wise women who know what they want.

What makes our dresses truly unique is the easy maintenance. While most machine-washable dresses require ironing, ours do not. They remain wrinkle-free throughout the day and above all that, you can wear the dresses with lining confidently knowing there are no unsightly sweat stains thanks to the highest quality of breathable fabric for the lining. LaDuett uses fabrics that hug your body, but slightly stretch to look great and are easy on your skin. As a result, the dress looks brand new, polished, and fashionable at all times.

6. Italian Couture

Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority. We don’t just design a dress, we want to create opportunities, boost confidence, and support women to achieve their dreams. Powerful women need powerful outfits made in the best factories. For this purpose, our clothes are made in Italy. We value the Italian craftsmanship, the exceptional Italian tailoring and the highest attention to detail. For that reason, we purchase the highest quality fabrics from Italy and are proud to produce our clothes in Italy at the best factories which have over 40 years of experience in high-end fashion and where known luxury designer brands like Gucci and Prada manufacture. Next to producing high-end quality and luxury Italian craftsmanship, we made sure to only work with factories offering ethical working conditions. With LaDuett, we want to bring the luxury Italian couture to the business world and finally create for you, the modern professional woman, the workwear you deserve: LaDuett is Modern Luxury, Made in Italy.


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