The Art of Dressing to Impress

The business world has been dominated by men for years and women were expected to fit in and follow their rules. Not anymore! Although slow the progress is evident and we witness an increasing number of successful businesswomen and entrepreneurs who weren’t afraid to go for the goals they set out for themselves. Every woman who succeeds in her career paves the way for other women who have a greater opportunity to it themselves. Everything you do at work, meetings, business trips can either contribute to the powerful persona you want to be or negatively affect it. The choice of an outfit is not an exception. Dressing in a strict business world is not just about being fashionable it is an art form one can use to send a certain message and give a glimpse of personality and strengths without having to say anything.

When the word “outfit” or “clothes” comes to mind it’s easy to assume that’s a superficial thing to worry about, but the subject is way deeper than that. The outfit you wear is a representation of who you are and your skills, even though we don’t always think this way. On a subconscious level, you choose a certain outfit because you think it will send a message you want to convey, but the art of dressing to impress is all about being aware of this goal in order to take your work style to a whole new level.

Women’s workwear has evolved over the years. It went from fluffy white blouses and full skirts to strict pantsuits. Somehow in the process, women were expected to dress like men as well. Suits, in general, have become a popular fashion option for women and their history leads us back to 1870s when an actress Sarah Bernhardt wore a custom-made trouser suit and caused a huge scandal in Paris at the time. In the 19th century, European women wore tailored jackets and long skirts and they called this outfit a costume. In 1914, the well-known designer Coco Chanel designed her very first suit and just a few years later Marlene Dietrich wore a tuxedo and a top hat on stage. Once it appeared in Hollywood movies and TV shows, the suit has become a standard women needed to meet in order to be a part of the competitive business world.

What are we missing here?

Sure, there is nothing wrong with the suit and it can look lovely. Nobody’s denying the power of a suit, but something is still missing. What could it be? Ah, women’s workwear can be feminine and professional at the same time. To succeed in a tough business world out there you don’t have to forget about your personality and fashion choices. You can do great while wearing a dress too. In fact, women are more than capable of achieving their goals while wearing whatever they want; a suit or dress.

So, how come designers are so afraid or maybe even reluctant to design dresses that women can wear at the workplace? We do see a few gorgeous options on the catwalks during fashion week, but there’s still a long road ahead and fashion industry needs to step it up. That is why LaDuett was founded. The primary goal of this fashion company is to support women on their road to career success they truly deserve.

LaDuett believes that dressing is an art form that enables women to express themselves in a strict business world. The company successfully navigates around the common struggles that have been bothering women for years outfit-wise. You’ve probably dealt with problems such as uncomfortable clothes, poor fit, low-quality materials, wrinkling, high maintenance, and many others. Who didn’t? We, at LaDuett, take women’s needs into consideration when designing our pieces. Results are outstanding as women finally get to wear clothes that hug their body and form a flattering silhouette while still remaining professional.

Our dresses have been inspired by successful women like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Kate Middleton, and the most powerful female character on TV, Claire Underwood. These women weren’t chosen randomly. They served as an inspiration due to their unique, feminine, yet powerful style that sends a certain message - that you are strong, driven, and motivated. These dresses say that you are gentle but tough at the same time. Only high-quality materials were used in the making processes of these dresses to ensure extreme comfort and low maintenance. No need to iron, no wrinkling, and no awkward sweat stains followed by an unpleasant odor. You can forget about these frustrating problems and have a great day at work or business trip without worrying about your clothes.

Silhouettes of each dress were created in such a manner that they follow the body’s contour, fit perfectly, but still allow you to breathe. The length of dress and sleeve is appropriate for a daily wear including business trips and other events. For extra convenience, these dresses also look great on the night out with friends and family as tested by us and our loyal customers.

As a brand, we want to empower women to avoid being afraid of expressing their femininity and we support their goals to reach stardom in their profession. Polished outfit sends a certain message and lets everyone know you’re a well-organized person with an attention to the tiniest details. With just a few accessories, that also send a powerful message, from LaDuett you can transform any dress into a whole different outfit.

After years and years of trying to find clothes that are feminine, comfortable, and sophisticated at the same time and failing miserably, we decided to create our own. The art of dressing to impress in the strict business world is to send a powerful message while still being you and our dresses make it happen so easily. LaDuett supports women and their goals by helping them be the best versions of themselves. We are women who know what other women want. Join us!