Dressing Up in Business

How to dress in a business environment

The days are gone, when workwear was considered mundane and not much happening.

Women have arranged themselves with their regular and uninteresting outfits. But with more and more women being empowered, corporate has undergone a revolution. More women than ever before are breaking the regular and experimenting with their workwear and business outfits. Today office fashion has become trendy and women express their style by selecting the best fitting items.

Today’s women are go-getters and they play multiple roles, their clothes and accessories hence have to be quirky and versatile at the same time.

Comfortable and daily wear corporate outfits

For, a general working day, which is long and tiring, comfort wear is the best option. One should understand that office fashion does not have to be serious but at the same time, it should give a sense of women empowerment as well as confidence. Office fashion is multitasked wear assisting us with the many challenges in both the business and private life.

Pleated trousers with crisp linen or cotton shirts make a comfortable work wear. A stole around the neck could lend a stylish look. High waist trousers with crop shirts can make work wear fun too. Culottes with blouses in pastels are interesting; a metallic belt can add a little drama. Ditch the pencil skirt and choose long flowing skirts instead, this would multiply the level of comfort. A well-fitted business suit with variations is definitely a wardrobe staple, but an experiment can be done in terms of the fabric, color and cut. With winter around the corner blazers are sure to blaze the corporate fashion scene. Say “no” to the usual colors and experiment with some mustard, teal blue instead. For evening office parties, a brown leather jacket with embroidered patches would be trendy enough.

Let accessories weave the magic

Investing in accessories can raise the style bar. Coming to handbags or laptop bags, we women have a habit of packing a lot of things in our office bags, and I am sure everyone would agree to it. Our office bags are our mini closets where we hoard all things of necessity. Therefore, this important part of the ensemble needs to be the most eye-catching one for sure. A black, tan or even beige laptop bag or a satchel or a tote and even interesting backpacks perfect the business look. So, flaunt the oh–so stylish handbag and be the office diva each day. A pair of shoes is another essential element when it comes to dressing up like a businesswoman. It is not necessary to only wear heels to look classy; footwear needs to be extremely comfortable. Nude pumps, black wedges, and beige strappy flats or white mules all look great and make great corporate fashion.

A pair of diamond studs or hoops along with sleek pendants and wristlets looks very stylish. Crystals can also look chic.

The golden rule when it comes to make up for the corporate fashionista should be “less is more”. Subtle makeup looks classy. Opt for a BB cream or light foundation along with a compact. Highlight eyes with mascara or brown eye pencils, a little bit of blush on and some nude lip gloss and the world starts serving as the runway for today’s inspiring women in business. For an after-office party, a red lipstick and a bit of kohl can glam up the look.