6 Tips for Choosing Your Work Style

Don’t judge a book by its cover is easier said than done. Although we would like other people to form an opinion about us based on our expertise, skills, and success the reality is that our appearance also plays a role. Somehow it’s in human nature to have assumptions about a person and their skills based on their style. This is particularly expressed in the working environment. The way you dress speaks volumes about your personality even if you aren’t aware of it. Work style doesn’t have to be strict and uncomfortable. Here are six tips that will help you update your work style to make it more comfortable and elegant at the same time.

  1. Perfect fit

The first and most important tip for choosing a comfortable and sophisticated work style is to go for a perfect fit. Although this may seem like an obvious thing to say a vast majority of people rarely choose clothes that fit them perfectly. As a result, some sophisticated and elegant dress may be uncomfortable even if it’s made of natural fabrics. Perfect fit allows you to move easily, doesn’t form too much pressure on your skin, and it makes clothes look like they were tailored just for you. This is not just about trying clothes on and choosing dresses wisely, you should also opt for the brands that design clothes in such a manner to hug your figure and provide a perfect fit at all times.

  1. Avoid revealing outfits

Movies and TV shows often lead us to believe that dressing sexy and sensual in the working environment is the best way to get attention, particularly if the workplace is dominated by men. Sure, revealing outfits can attract attention, but not for the reasons you want. If you dress like a secretary for Mad Men all eyes will be on your dress and everything it reveals, people won’t pay attention to things you say. As a businesswoman in the world that is dominated by males, you need to be wise.

Your work style should be comfortable yet elegant. It should say you’re feminine, but powerful at the same time. Outfits you wear are not just some fashion statement, but a representation of your personality and beliefs. Therefore, try to avoid revealing outfits at work and prioritize items that hug your figure, express femininity, but are still modest at the same time.

  1. Don’t forget about the dress code

Most companies and organizations have a certain dress code that both men and women need to follow. If your outfit doesn’t meet the dress code rules, then its comfort and sophisticated vibe don’t really matter. That explains why dress code is an important factor to bear in mind when upgrading your work style. When shopping for clothes or choosing an outfit in the morning (or the night before) always ask yourself whether it follows the policy and rules set by the company. This is also a great way to narrow down the choice of clothing items when you’re shopping. Look for comfortable, silhouette-flatting items that also follow protocols of your workplace.

  1. Accessorize

How many times have you thought your outfit seems incomplete like something is missing? Most of us experience this frustrating struggle on a daily basis. You plan the outfit, put on the clothes, but it appears incomplete. Why does this happen? The reason you deal with this struggle is the lack of accessories. A simple bracelet or a belt can transform the outfit and make it even more professional. Choose accessories that are elegant, unique, and chic. It’s always better to opt for necklaces, bracelets, and belts that have a classic or timeless design because they’re always trendy.

  1. Wear anti-wrinkle clothes

Don’t you hate it when your dress gets wrinkly after only a few hours? This messy look doesn’t allow you to look like a sophisticated power woman. Before you start thinking it’s the way clothes are and there’s no way to iron it at work, bear in mind it all comes down to your purchasing habits. Some dresses and skirts are made of fabrics that require no ironing and thereby they don’t wrinkle. These clothing items are ideal for women on the go who can’t afford a messy appearance, especially when they are on a business trip. Anti-wrinkling materials are comfortable, and make you look elegant without too much effort. It’s a type of convenience that every businesswoman needs in her life.

  1. Choose colors wisely

Looking your best at work doesn’t require a lot of effort. It all comes down to types of clothes you buy and decide to wear at work and work-related occasions. When you’re heading to the office, your clothes should follow a dress code and hug your body without revealing too much, but at the same time, you also need to consider colors you choose. Workplace usually requires darker, deeper colors instead of vibrant hues. A purple or burgundy dress will look way better in the office than a yellow outfit. It’s needless to mention darker colors are more practical because they slim down your silhouette and it’s easier to match them with bags, shoes, and accessories.

Other tips to consider

  • Choose breathable fabrics that don’t make you sweat
  • Opt for flattering silhouettes and necklines
  • Ensure your dresses and skirts have a decent length
  • Choose clothing items that are versatile and can be paired with different shoes and accessories
  • Consider buying clothes that have a dash of elastane, they’re comfortable and figure-hugging at the same time

Bottom line

You spend about eight hours at work every day and wearing uncomfortable clothes isn’t the most practical choice. The working environment is strict, competitive, and comes with certain standards so we need to dress accordingly. Businesswomen don’t have it easy, but they do have the amazing opportunity to depict their power, responsibility, and personality with clothes they wear. Outfits you choose speak volumes about your motivation and desire for success that you truly deserve. With tips from this article, you’ll look polished and feel comfortable every day.