10 Best Dressed Power Stars

The style is the reflection of our personality and it only shows why fashion is so important. We dress to showcase our emotions, thoughts, moods, and the way we want to be perceived in a specific situation. The style isn’t something that just happens, it evolves. We try different things until we’re finally satisfied with everything. Everything can be used as a style inspiration, including celebrity fashion. Celebrities dress to impress at all times, but some ladies do it better than others. Scroll down to read the list of 10 best-dressed women in business that you can use as your style “inspo”.


  1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has been in the public eye since she was a little girl starring in Barney and Friends. Today, she is not only a famous singer, but an actress, producer, and queen of Instagram. All designers want Gomez to wear their dresses on the red carpet. Let’s be honest, this isn’t such a surprise, she can pull off any look.

Not only does Selena look great in any dress she wears, but her street style is impeccable. While she loves to experiment with different outfits, the singer also feels confident walking around in her denim jumpsuit or sweats on the streets of New York City, LA, you name it.

Selena pays a lot of attention to accessories. In an interview with the British Vogue, producer of a hit show 13 Reasons Why said: “I always feel like the accessories are the whipped cream of an outfit, you know?

A stylist who works with a popular singer shared some important style tips you can, definitely, use. For example:

  • Tailor everything to your body
  • Only invest in classic staple pieces (your closet will never age)
  • Don’t follow trends blindly
  • Choose looks that make you look chic, happy, elevated, and beautiful
  • Invest in good shoes



  1. Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is an ultimate style inspiration of every fashionable girl or woman. After all, her style is timeless. You can be 24 or 44, the pieces she wears will still fit perfectly into your wardrobe. Palermo started her career on MTV as a part of a reality TV show “The City”. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur with a website where you can find out how to look so chic and elegant, just like her.

You can see her sitting in the front row during fashion weeks in New York City, Paris, Milan, London, basically wherever famous designers choose to showcase their upcoming collections. Olivia Palermo is polished, but never overly Upper East Side, preppy but not prim, and she is a classic, but always with a twist. In other words, she is the queen of fashion combinations with a “wow “factor.

Want to dress like Palermo? Here are some of her style quotes that will help you out:

“My style icon is young, stylish girls that I see on the street. I could be in Tokyo, London, Paris, and I just like seeing how girls style themselves and enjoy fashion—whether they're in the industry or not. For me, that's an inspiration. Classic films are really inspiring to me, as well.

"A statement piece of jewelry, like a cocktail ring or great bracelet is something you can wear every day to add a polished touch."

"I like to look polished and feminine, but there has to be a touch of masculinity to my outfit. It just makes it feel more comfortable, and if you're uncomfortable in what you're wearing, other people can tell."

"The biggest fashion faux pas I see when I'm walking down the street is when girls don't wear the right proportions for their body."


  1. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is one of the most successful models today. Versace, Chanel, Victoria’s Secret are just some of many big names whose fashion shows always include Gigi Hadid. The blonde model is also a face of Maybelline and she has a successful partnership with Tommy Hilfiger. Her collaborations with designers aren’t the only reason behind the incredible popularity, it’s her style that gets all the credit.

Gigi knows how to dress her curves and she does it perfectly. From midriff-baring two-pieces to curve-hugging dresses and plunging necklines, this model knows how to make everything look great. Casual chic is her signature style. She loves to wear fashionable and stylish clothes but opts for pieces that make her feel comfortable to suit her on-the-go lifestyle.

In one of her interviews, she said: "Being comfortable in what you're wearing is chic, it doesn't mean you're sloppy. My style is always comfortable. I love streetwear but even when I'm going out I love to pair a trainer with a mini dress. You can always dress an outfit up or down."

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you dress like Gigi Hadid:

  • Don’t be scared of metallic fabrics and prints
  • When in doubt go simple
  • Less is more
  • Striped tee and jeans always work
  • Don’t be afraid to wear something different
  • Be confident in your body, love yourself and dare to experiment
  • Let your shoes make a statement
  • Black and white combination is always elegant
  • An all-black look is chic


  1. Victoria Beckham

A Spice Girl, a successful designer, a devoted wife, loving mother, is there anything Victoria Beckham can’t do? Victoria never hid her passion for fashion ever since her Spice Girls days. However, when she announced her plan to start a fashion business and design clothes, many were a skeptic. It turns out, all that skepticism was baseless because the singer-turned-designer has become incredibly successful. You can see celebrities wearing her designs on the red carpet while walking down the street running errands, but that’s not the reason why Victoria Beckham is on this list. Her style is amazing!

Victoria Beckham doesn’t follow trends, she sets them. When she cuts her hair short, everyone does. When she wears flats, people follow. When this designer wears high heels, you can see them all over the place. Everything she wears becomes an instant hit. While she experimented with style over the years, nowadays she focuses on timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion. You can see her wearing white shirts, turtlenecks, chic dresses, jeans paired with middle-sized bags.

Here are Victoria Beckham’s quotes that will inspire you:

"There’s nothing sexier than a woman in a white shirt. A white shirt goes with everything, it’s seasonless, it’s an investment, it’s something you’ll wear not just a season after season, but year after year."

"If you haven't got it. Fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking!"

“Sunglasses always hide a multitude of sins; sunglasses and a great pair of heels can turn most outfits around.”

  1. Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot has been a breath of fresh air in Hollywood. The Wonder Woman inspires millions of girls around the globe to be confident, achieve their dreams, and be who they are. Gal isn’t like all other actresses we see on the red carpet. She’s not afraid to wear flats and feels no need to take her clothes off to stay relevant. During her the red carpet appearances, this superhero shines in bright, poppy colors with plenty of sparkle that only showcases her playful nature.

Former Miss Israel isn’t afraid to go makeup free and casual, but she can also step it up with curve-hugging outfits and short floral dresses. Here are some style tips we can learn from Gal:

  • Flats are fabulous
  • Shop wisely, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look great
  • Embrace bold, vibrant colors
  • Don’t be afraid to show come leg
  • Say yes to stripes


  1. Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is a style crush of many girls around the globe. Even designers rush at the chance to dress the actress who always looks so flawless. Williams is sweet and always looks so innocent while being able to rock any outfit perfectly. We can describe her style “down to earth”, the Louis Vuitton muse prefers wearing combinations that all of us would wear at one point or another.

What’s a secret behind this beauty’s style? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Add more edge to the outfit with a simple, chic black velvet ribbon choker
  • Keep makeup natural if you want to add more drama to your outfit
  • Leather jacket, jeans, and boots always look great
  • Big bags aren’t just practical, but trendy and fashionable at the same time


  1. Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is a British host, writer, model, fashion designer, and ultimate fashion’s IT girl. Every person who’s into fashion loves Alexa Chung. What’s there not to love? She is classy, but edgy at the same time. She can be feminine, but masculine or wear a timeless piece and pair it with something futuristic. What makes Chung’s style so special is that she loves wearable clothes, something that almost everyone can wear in multiple combinations. Alexa doesn’t wear something just because it’s fashionable, she wears it because she wants to express her personality. She said: “Clothes are about manipulations: how I feel, how I want to feel and how I want others to feel about me.”

Here are some tips to dress like Alexa:

  • Add more structure to your outfit
  • Wear shirts and tops with collars, they will never go out of style. The prim and polished look of a black pressed collar against a clean white blouse will always be IN
  • Don’t avoid neutral colors
  • It’s all about comfort
  • Forget all the rules of fashion


  1. Claire Foy

She’s a member of the royal family in The Crown, but Claire Foy is also a part of fashion royalty thanks to her fashion choices. Unlike the Queen Elizabeth II and her strict appearances with matching serious outfits, Foy is more open to experiments. Claire’s signature look is comprised of sophisticated pants, textured fabrics, and sexy but elegant off-the-shoulder silhouettes.

Her street style is equally attractive. The actress switches between heels, flats, and sneakers and wears based on the current mood. She can wear denim pants one day and appear in black skinny ankle-length jeans the next day. Here are some tips to dress like Claire:

  • You can never have too many buttoned shirts
  • Dresses aren’t just for parties and nights out, you can wear it during the day too
  • Dress with pockets is both practical and stylish
  • The outfit doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy all the time, you can pair the blue shirt with burgundy pants and still look super fashionable


  1. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie became an instant fashion sweetheart as soon as she appeared on the scene. She moved from a role in an Australian hit show to the leading lady in Hollywood. The Aussie star’s classic, blonde bombshell looks make her both sensual and elegant at the same time. The I, Tonya actress is very unpredictable (which is why we love her). One day she’s wearing the bohemian outfit, the next day she’s a rock chick, but on a third day, she wears a typical California girl style. If we sum up all her outfits it’s easy to notice they have many things in common; all of them are feminine, clean, and cute.

Below, you can see some tips to dress like Margot Robbie:

  • Invest in a few lace items
  • Butterfly, flower prints can make every outfit stand out
  • Dress and sneakers aren’t just for teen girls
  • Every woman needs a good trench coat


  1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is the most in-demand actress today. This talented Oscar winner chooses her red-carpet dresses perfectly. Princess-looking dress, sexy ensembles that show off her décolletage, playful combinations, Jennifer has worn them all and always landed on the “best dressed” list. Although she would probably say she’s an outsider in the fashion world, Lawrence is one of the most stylish women in business.

Her outfits range from midriff-bearing tops and pants to jeans, shorts, dresses, hats. She can go from a Disney princess look to festival-going California girl and look flawless either way. Plus, she’s one of those women who make menswear an ideal choice for every fashionable girl.

Tips to dress like Jennifer Lawrence include:

  • Prioritize minimalism
  • Anchor a delicate dress with menswear items such as a blazer
  • Double denim and heels give you a cool girl edge
  • Athleisure is a great way to dress comfortable, but stylish clothes
  • Dare to be sexy