Best Instagrams for Professional Women

Figures show that Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users and 500 million daily active users. About 300 million people post stories onto their Instagram profiles. More than 40 billion photos were posted onto this app to date. Instagram isn’t just an app where people share photos of food, it’s incredibly useful for business purposes. In fact, more than 25 million businesses are on Instagram. Even professional, business women can use Instagram to get inspired, motivated, and accomplish career success they deserve. Scroll down to see the best Instagram pages you should follow.



Nope, the account isn’t about some diet that requires you to eat and drink nothing but champagne. The page was created by Cara Alwill Leyba, a life coach, author, and speaker. She takes a feminine and somewhat humorous approach to empowering women and encouraging them to, simply, go for it. As seen in the bio “champagne is a state of mind” and the account strives to make self-help chic on a daily basis. If you scroll through the photos, you’ll notice funny and motivational quotes and statements coupled with fashion inspo.


Jessica Alba isn’t just a cute actress, she’s a business woman who successfully balances between work and family. Alba is a founder and owner of Honest Company, a consumer goods company that emphasizes the importance of ethical consumerism and safe ingredients. She single-handedly created an empire and every professional woman should, definitely, follow her account on Instagram. Not only does she post private photos of family moments, this entrepreneur also uploads motivational posts that you can use to get inspired.


With 191k followers, Business Rules for Women is yet another great source of motivational posts for all ladies who want to follow their dreams. This account is an endless source of quotes and statements that every woman needs to read to realize her own value. What makes this account unique is the “real talk” too, you’ll also get to see the posts that perfectly depict everyday situations at work.


Brene Brown is an academic, research professor at the University of Houston and she’s also a bestselling author, acclaimed public speaker, and so much more. With more than 808k followers, Brown’s Instagram account is a popular go-to place for all business women (and men). She explores human emotions which play a pivotal role in every aspect of our life. Brene Brown is well-known for The Power of Vulnerability, one of the most popular TED Talks ever. Why should you follow her on Instagram? Ms. Brown trains people to be authentic, brave, and effective leaders. Her account features posts where she presents her favorite books, foods, motivational statements, wisdom, and other images for a healthy, balanced, and successful life.


Gabrielle Bernstein is an American life coach, motivational speaker, and an author. Even Oprah is a fan and let’s be honest here – Oprah knows best. In her Super Soul Sunday segment, Oprah described Bernstein as one of “new thought leaders” due to impressive ability to help people change their mindset and achieve the success they deserve. Bernstein has 429k followers on Instagram where she teaches people importance of self-love and a balanced lifestyle. Gabby has an outgoing and bubbly personality that will definitely cheer you up and give a much-needed confidence boost. Her profile features photos from her life, inspiring quotes, favorite books, relaxing images, and so much more.


Sara Blakely is a successful entrepreneur thanks to a simple invention that helped many women around the globe get an instant confidence boost and improve body image. What did she invent? Spanx! Thanks to Spanx, women feel more confident wearing their favorite dresses. It’s an ultimate piece of garment for every fashion savvy girl or woman. Bearing in mind Blakely created an empire from nothing but a simple idea, she has a lot to offer to 117k followers on Instagram.

This entrepreneur has a busy lifestyle, funny, outgoing personality, combined with a go-getter persona. She’s just like you! You also have a busy lifestyle, desire to succeed, and tremendous potential to make it happen. On her profile, Blakely shares family photos and moments combined with motivational posts, and she recommends some interesting books you need to read. Let’s not forget she has a great collection of coffee mugs with different inspirational statements.


Sheryl Sandberg is a technology executive, activist, author, chief operating officer of Facebook, and a founder of, a global community dedicated to helping women achieve their goals and ambitions. With all her roles and career accomplishments, Sheryl Sandberg is a must-follow personality on Instagram for all women who are seeking inspiration. She posts photos from her meetings and professional engagements but also shares poems, books to read, philanthropic endeavors, and so much more. Plus, Sandberg is a great person to follow for business fashion ideas. She’s a perfect example that business style can be comfortable, elegant, and feminine at the same time, similarly like LaDuett.


Arianna Huffington is an author, columnist, and a successful entrepreneur with 302k followers on Instagram. Huffington’s profile is an ultimate source of inspiration for all women who want to make it in their business. If you want to succeed, then you need to learn from the very best. This business woman’s profile shows her motivational videos, photos, and posts from her own life. All of us feel defeated from time to time and when it happens, scrolling through Arianna Huffington’s profile can be of huge help. It’s impossible to feel bad with all the encouraging messages you can find on this account.

Bottom line

Regardless of our age, goals, and professional, we need a little bit of inspiration from time to time. Finding new sources of inspiration is a great way to get a daily dose of encouragement that will make you one step closer to success you deserve. Instagram is an endless source of posts that make you laugh, boost your confidence, and inspire you to have a healthy, happy, and successful life.