Millennial Power - 5 Career Tips

There are few golden characteristics which distinguish millennial women from the rest. Millennial women are not only more hardworking and optimistic but also passionate. They always have a plan to achieve their goal even if they don’t exactly know what lies at the end of their journey. Millennial women are known to be empowering and are exposed to quite a lot of opportunities in their workplace. Today, the support, knowledge, education, mentoring and the right technology allows these millennial women to achieve their goals and build the careers which women of the past, could only dream of. In order to keep shining in one’s career and to ensure continuous movement up the ladder of success, a millennial woman needs not only to persevere but she also needs to be strong and tough, to handle the challenges. During her journey, she also needs mentoring and guidance, so here I have presented the best 5 career tips that would help the millennial women climb up the ladder of success.


  • Figure out what you want

Having a crystal-clear idea of what exactly you want, is crucial. In other words, it is important to be a visionary and to envision what you plan to achieve and what is your end goal. Without setting a definite target, the journey can be confusing and time wasting. No obstacle can stop a millennial woman, once they have put their mind to something. So, it is important for you to ask yourself where you want to be in the next 10 years and what do you see yourself doing and what kind of leader you want become in the near future. This enables the millennial women to not only plan their journey but also to keep themselves mentally prepared. Mental preparation is the key to success. By figuring out what you want, you can start writing down daily goals, and step by step instructing that would eventually lead you to the bigger goal. Remember, planning is the key, and if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. So, take some time out to ponder upon your vision and your end target, before you jump in!

  • Manage your time and resources wisely

Time and money are two things that should be spent very prudently, and if wasted, can leave you in an abyss. Throughout your work life, learn to keep your focus and have your eyes fixed on the prize. Time management is a skill which can change the whole course of your career. Understand what you are capable of, what are your strong points and your weaknesses and using this knowledge, start managing your time efficiently. Learn to keep planners and calendars with to do lists and allocate proper time to any task at hand. If you want to run your own venture, you need a strong work ethic and strict time management skills. Same is the case if you plan to pursue multiple careers. Whatever you motive is, procrastinating and wasting time will only slow you down or might put you off your track in the work case scenario.
Same is the case with resources. Use them efficiently and do not splurge. Try improvising and making do with whatever you can find. If you think you can save up some money by doing some secondary tasks yourself, do that! Keep track of whatever you spend and where all your resources are being used up. If you find any outlier, try anything to remove that and keep your resources in check.

  • Find out what are your limits

Many millennial women fail to succeed in their endeavors because they cannot identify their correct limits and instead falsely assume and end up never achieving their dreams. In order to overcome your obstacles, you, as a millennial woman, must fight and stand up for what you want. You need to find a balance between your personal and professional life. You also need to have confidence in yourself and your abilities because stats show that nearly 20 percent of the women fail to advance just because they lack confidence.

  • Learn to work under pressure

Henry Kissinger once said that “a diamond is just a chunk of coal that did well under pressure”. And this applies on millennial women as well. If they want to see themselves sparkling, magnificent and shining, they must be willing to take the heat, stand the pressure and burn out during their journey. The most tough millennial women can rise higher than anyone’s expectations by turning their pressure into an opportunity and by refusing to give in to the stress, anxiety and hardships of the work they might face during their journey. Learning to work under pressure is also a key leadership skill and once millennial women master this skill, they become unstoppable and can do wonders. The develop an invincible force that keeps them going and even makes them outperform and stand out from the rest in the crowd.

  • Understand the importance of saying “No”

Even though by staying open and always saying “yes” can lead to amazing, new paths and can open new doors in an organization, saying “no” have its own importance. Whenever you feel like you are being taken advantage of, you must learn to stand up for yourself and say “no” and start a negotiation that would benefit both parties.
When looking at the women in our past, we realize that they were more reluctant to say “no”, than the millennial women of today. With every passing day, millennial women are becoming more empowered and are learning to stand up and speak for their right and have finally understood the importance of saying “no”.


All these tips are crucial for a success of a millennial woman in her career. But these require action. It is important to know these tips but even more important to act on them because without action, there is no gain.