Advice for Career-Oriented Women

Women are born fighters, blessed with multiple virtues which give them the strength to carry out the endless responsibilities that they are entrusted with. Working women are fierce and manage both home and workplace alike. It takes a lot of planning and mental preparation to execute their duties and to give an answer to the rising pressure surrounding them.

In the following advice is given to career-oriented women in order to optimally manage their duties:

Work-life balance

A simple rule that says “do not bring your office back home or take your home to office” could have been a savior, had it been this easy. It is not and we all have failed miserably while following this rule. I would envy people who can practice this rule for sure and we should try and practice this ourselves. We need to compartmentalize our brain into parts that exclusively belong to the two different areas – housework and job, and we should avoid mixing up the two. We always say - do not postpone things, well, in this case, it is actually good for you. At the end of the day, once you leave the office, jot down any pendency or progress of the meeting and do not think about it until next morning (do postpone it - MENTALLY) and the same is true vice-versa.

Managing the house

Let’s first discuss how to run things at home. I would suggest getting started with a clear schedule, with time slots attributed to each activity. Getting up early in the morning helps a lot, you would get some time to plan the day ahead. At least devote 20 minutes to yoga or walking, this prepares you for the long day, increases the metabolism rate, flushes out toxins, refreshes your mind and soul and you are charged up for the day. Next give clear instructions to the household help, if possible write down the instructions or what needs to be prepared for dinner on a sheet of paper. This would refrain her from calling you during the day when you are most probably busy in a meeting. Since time is of essence, take help of these online start-ups that deliver fresh groceries, fruits and vegetables. You will not only save time but get discount offers as well.

Most women have a habit of skipping their breakfast, which is an unhealthy thing to do. Not only invest time in a heavy breakfast but also try and pack lunch and some nuts or whole grain cookies to work; these come handy during days with maddening schedules.

Managing yourself

Let’s start with the business wear for the empowered women. Unlike what people used to perceive corporate wear should not be uninteresting, it can be absolutely essential for today’s business women. A lot of experimentation can be done, without compromising on the comfort. Stylish business wear surely can turn heads and make you look like an office diva. Opt anything that suits you, be it a pair of culottes teamed with a crop top, or a maxi skirt with a crisp white linen shirt. Accessorize your outfit with fun bags, shoes, watches and sleek jewelry and just bask in the glory of the fashionista that you have become.

The boss lady at the office

At work, keep a planner ready with all appointments and deadlines duly noted. Maintaining a diary helps too, nothing can skip the mind when it has been written by self. Do not work at a stretch, get up, have a walk. During times of excessive stress, do some breathing exercises. Sitting in front of the computer gives rise to back pain, so do some neck exercises sitting in the workplace. Do not forget to close your eyes for few seconds whenever your eyes feel tired.

Once you come home in the evening, spend adequate time with your family, read stories to your children, take your pet for a walk, have a soulful discussion with your partner and go to sleep by 10 pm at least. I am sure a good nights’ sleep rejuvenates the mind and soul and makes the next day enjoyable.